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January 22, 2007 Relaunch

Posted by: c00ler

We launched a new, the biggest change is having each sport’s home page better reflect the content found within the site. We put some callouts to the latest podcasts right on the home page, so the kids don’t have to search around for the content nerds hard work. We’ve stopped rotating featured product, differentiated between contests & other features, and the flash now allows you to view each promotional item we have, instead of them randomly being pulled. Even though you can go to the site & view it, We’ve enclosed a screen grab of etnies Skate below:

But who cares about any of that, when we embraced microformats! These things are the way of the future, as browsers will surely integrate what is now handled by extensions such as Mike Kaply’s Operator. The extension reads events (amongst other microformats) and creates one click access for you to add the event to your calendar program of choice. It even supports local applications, such as iCal. Below is the extension in action, picking up the upcoming events we mention on the etnies Skate home page:


Get the extension & view the entire etnies calendar to get a taste of a way futuristic, interconnected browsing experience. Check the rest of the site for some hidden micro gems as well. If any Sci Fi writings are to come true, or you just want to help advance the web as the medium we all hold so dearly to our hearts, the path involves embracing microformats!