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February 01, 2006


Posted by: apple

If you forget the the it’s just pr0n (just like web-goddess)


  1. February 01, 2006 Nic

    from now on, i’m always forgetting the “the”.

  2. February 01, 2006 Joe

    Haha, that’s so awesome.

  3. February 01, 2006 The Queen or

  4. February 03, 2006 Crza

    I’d like to take credit for discovering that. Now I’m fired for looking at porn via the IT dept (aka gestapo de computa’). They didn’t believe me when I said I was going to a web nerd site to check out some new CSS validation and read comments on the new version of WP and learn some new code trick using PHP Xtremeness 7.5. F$cking haters

  5. February 08, 2006 Tdskate

    One time in school I wanted to see the beastie boys website:
    Instead i typed:
    That was the gayest moment in my life!!!

  6. February 08, 2006 Tdskate

    "not that there is anything wrong with that."

  7. February 23, 2006 mikesuga

    what’s up skatergirl’s

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