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November 07, 2005

etniesplus Fall 05

Posted by: apple


We recently launched the new etniesplus site. A super simple design was composed allowing these one-of-a-kind shoes to be shown without flashy useless marketing BS getting in the way.

Furthermore it was The Hot Crew’s first eCommerce project. Keeping the layout simple and clean allows for easy usability, a must for online shopping.

The one cool feature about the site is, that it’s fully scalable. Try enlarging the text in your browser (Windoze Quick Tip: hold down Ctrl and scroll your mouse wheel.) The only drawback is that the thumbnail images become a bit pixelated. We checked this on several platforms and screens and concluded that it was still good enough to use.

Enjoy the etniesplus Fall 05 collection.


  1. November 07, 2005 Bill

    On a mac, it’s apple + / apple - to increase & decrease. Sweet scalability!

  2. November 08, 2005 haveboard


  3. November 08, 2005 haveboard

    Why doesn’t the logo (h1) scale? This is awesome functionality, though.

  4. November 08, 2005 joe d

    Nice site. I dig everything but this scaling that adds a horizontal scrollbar to 8×6 users, which defeats the purpose right?

  5. November 08, 2005 joe d

    Also, the favicon is not found.

  6. November 08, 2005 nav

    nice, I like it dearly… the shoes stink though.

  7. November 08, 2005 apple

    Favicon fixed. Thanks for the heads up Jody Foster.

  8. November 08, 2005 Crza

    I like it a lot. You dudes never stop amazing. How much to do my site? hahahaha

  9. November 22, 2005 Waycott

    I’m feelin’ it, only concern is that free shipping callout strains the eyes a bit.

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