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November 01, 2005

We Rebooted!

Posted by: apple

Couple of months ago we signed up for the Fall edition of CSS Reboot. You should now be looking at our entry for this event.

Please note that there are two versions of the design! Since this site acts as a “business card” for Sole Technolgy’s Web department, the site will “turned off” at night. So whenever we are in the office, the site will be ON and feature a light color scheme. When we all leave, the site will be dark (but still legible ofcourse).

Snikkul did the design a while ago already, he’s already hating on it, but we wouldn’t expect anything less from him.

Dude brogrammed the awesome style switcher. He installed a script on all our computers that calculates the activity of the CPU only in the morning and afternoon (this way it excludes meetings, lunch, etc). If all our computers have been idle for over an hour it will ping the web server and the CSS will be switched to OFF.

I (apple) did the CSS hax0ring. C00ler didn’t do shit, but that’s because he’s been workin his (smelly) ass off on the new ├ęS site (an official post will follow shortly). And Weebers (the new guy), has been on mute ever since he started.


  1. November 01, 2005 joe d

    Snikkul needs to quit hatin. shite is flippin rockin yo.

  2. November 01, 2005 nowax

    damn i’m still in the dark at 10:45 am EST

  3. November 01, 2005 Nic


  4. November 01, 2005 Joe

    lookin’ good!

  5. November 01, 2005 someguy

    Nice to see a relaunch- especially nice if I was nearly blind and surf the net from a 10 inch monitor across the room. What is with this LARGE TEXT trend? Since you guys are no longer using the old design, you know the hot one that looked like some effort went into it- I was wondering if it was okay to steal it?

  6. November 01, 2005 apple

    someguy/haveboard: only if you fix yur RSS feed.

  7. November 01, 2005 haveboard

    I am not SomeGuy, and I AM trying to fix my RSS feed, but Im real busy. I think the font size is fine but the letter-spacing looks like junk. I always post my name for comments. I don’t hide behind my keys. Don’t know how it’s the same IP?

  8. November 01, 2005 apple

    haveboard: Sorry, I asumed it was you, the IP was from someone in Philly, and yur the only active Philly webnerd in the skate blogosphere. Ask snikkul for more letter-spacing. He designed it.

  9. November 01, 2005 haveboard

    No Sweat. It looks way better on a Mac than on a PC. The spacing is fine here(Mac), but PC FF its kinda crunched together. The comments are no longer called on my RSS feed, so the updating a post with every comment is gone. But yes, it does need mad work.

  10. November 01, 2005 nowax

    Comments from blackberry cell

  11. November 02, 2005 Rick Hurst

    The site looks great, although, being on the other side of the atlantic I suspect i’ll mostly be seeing the dark version :-)

  12. November 02, 2005 Foxxyz

    I like the light version much more than the dark one, but these sweet :focus rules really make me cream.

  13. November 02, 2005 zus


  14. November 02, 2005 nav


  15. November 03, 2005 joe d

    It’s the ghetto Trebuchet MS with little or no backups that’s killing the readability on some PCs.

    Apple, talk Snikkul into the Lucida family. Lately I’ve been on this kick:
    “Lucida Sans”, “Lucida Sans Unicode”,”Lucida Grande”, “Trebuchet MS”, Verdana, Arial, sans-serif;

  16. November 03, 2005 apple

    I messed around with the letter spacing a bit, should be better now.

  17. November 04, 2005 haveboard

    Yes, very good sir. I like!

  18. November 14, 2005 drew

    hey, the hot crew logo in the dark version has some nasties the transparencies dont seem to work for me, strange. safari in tiger..

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