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October 13, 2005

More Skateboarding and RSS

Posted by: apple

More skateboard related sites with RSS feeds (in addition to the previous Skateboarding and RSS article):

SkateDaily hasn’t updated their feed in a while and don’t seem to care about RSS when I contacted them. And I’m anticipating the arrival of the skateboard MAG and SkateNerd feeds!

If you still don’t get what RSS is, check out the Google Reader review I wrote for the Emerica site. GReader is by far the easiest way to subscribe to RSS feeds.

And for the really lazy/dumb nerds under us, check out Skatle (via Haveboard, via SkateNerd). Skateboarding news made really simple! Basicly they import a bunch of RSS feeds and display them in a very Newstoday way. However, Skatle’s markup is a bit sloppy and could use some cleaning up.

Then there’s the visual pile known as SPoT News Watcher, which not only imports RSS feeds but also displays news from sites that don’t know how to make Web sites and still use iframes. And yes, I know about Skate99 but that is just a sneaky money making scheme with ads galore.

And finally, the October 2005 issue of Transworld Business Magazine has an excellent RSS article titled: “Keeping It Fresh” by Roy Turner (President of the Board Retailers Association). It gets rather technical at times, but let’s hope more people in the industry will catch on to how beneficial RSS can be for their brand.


  1. October 13, 2005 Joe


  2. October 13, 2005 nowax

    chew tobaccy chew tobaccy chew tobaccy spit…

    if’n you ain’t usin’ rss bro…

    you ain’t worth a schnit

  3. October 20, 2005 Templeton

    Thanks for the linkage guys.

  4. November 01, 2005 Grave skateboards has RSS :) — a company from Republic of Srpska.


    Dragan Babic

  5. November 01, 2005 apple

    Dragan: Veru nice site! But I can’t read any of it! If there was an english feed, I would totally add it.

  6. November 03, 2005 Grave skateboards

    Thanx for the nice words, I kinda wrote the comment just to let you guys know there is skateboarding in ex Yugoslavia. I have just designed the site, but am a (ex) skateboarder. I say ex because I rarely get the time to do it anymore. Still in love with it though … :)

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