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October 05, 2005

WordPress patch for separate subpages w/ same slug name

Posted by: dude

We’re trying to setup WordPress with recursive subdirectories to keep product info for a new site.. problem is, WordPress doesn’t like it when you have two pages with the same slug, even if they are subpages of different pages. So I added an extra database query and solved the problem, so now you can have
/products/shoe/black and
and they’ll work together. Yay! Here’s the patch: wp-1.5.2-subpage-same-slug.patch

If you’re on a UNIX system, you can use it like this:

mike@shoerack:~/wordpress-test$ ls

mike@shoerack:~/wordpress-test$ patch -p0 < wp-1.5.2-subpage-same-slug
patching file wordpress/wp-includes/classes.php


  1. October 06, 2005 haveboard

    O so Nerdy!

  2. October 07, 2005 c00ler

    And - it works Oh so well! This thing should get added into Wordpress core files.

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