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September 20, 2005

My Name Is Earl Review

Posted by: apple

my name is earl

NBC has been hyping the living shit out of their new sitcom with Jason Lee: “My Name Is Earl“. TV teasers, ads in every damn magazine, weird radio spots, and all over LA you see city buses and huge billboards with Jason’s face. Therefore I was a bit cautious about the show.

I tuned in last nite and I gotta say, the show is damn funny. The jokes were amusing and Jason’s acting was on point. It’s the perfect role for him. I’m actually looking forward to next week’s episode.

Due to my situation in our beloved skateboard industry, I’ve met Jason Lee a few times. I remember the first time I picked him and and a bunch of other Real and Stereo riders up from Schiphol airport. They were in town for a demo I organized in Amsterdam every summer.

Jason needed to set up a new board so I brought him to our skateshop, Rodolfo’s. He had a board, wheels and trucks, he just needed hardware. I grabbed a sheet of grip, some bolts, plus a set of the best bearings and offered to put his board together for him. Imagine how stoked I was when he said yes! Me, a Dutch nerd, putting together a board for the skater with the best steez everrrrrr.

After I was finished, I proudly gave Jason his board. He put it on the floor and started rolling around in the shop. All of sudden he stopped, picked up his board and set it on the counter.

“What is this?”
“What do you mean?” I replied, scared as hell I put the trucks on wrong.
“These bearings!?”
“They are brand new.”
“I know, but I like my bearings crappy. Do you have any rusty old bearings? If so, I’de love to have those.”
“Errrrrrr… sure…”

So I took his board and dove in the trashcan to find some old bearings. Luckily I found some and I swapped them out with the brand new ones. These old bearings were so crappy, the wheels hardly spun and they made an aweful screeching sound!

“Perfect,” Jason said, “Just the way I like them!”

jason lee and huphtur


  1. September 21, 2005 c00ler

    Haha! So that’s why he switched to acting.

    All the hype made me cautious as well; It can lead to expecting too much, as well as giving the appearance there’s just too much money behind it to be any good at all. I was pleasently suprised with the results, I thought it started out a bit weak but ended stronger than I was expecting. Joke wise, originality wise, not taking obvious routes-wise.

    I do hope that as the show moves forward, the writing will be a bit more creative, something like the body of work behind a, say… Malcolm in the Middle.

    How about the suprise role of that cotton-in-his-mouth Telly dude?

  2. September 21, 2005 mok

    apple’s wearing vans! ha!

  3. September 21, 2005 apple

    shush woman! yur gonna get me fired!

  4. September 22, 2005 dude

  5. September 22, 2005 nowax

    last one on the list sounds familiar

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