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August 17, 2005

Monthly Archives WordPress Plugin

Posted by: c00ler

Ever wanted to highlight the current date selected when viewing monthly archives on your wordpress powered site? All the time, right? Us too. You’d think it’d be built into the default wp_get_archives function; but shah right - guess again. You know all it’ll take is a little css, but that damn PHP sits in your way.

You need a dude like dude who can create plugins on a moments notice. Since you too have this problem, you can download the plugin and replace your wp_get_archives(’type=monthly’) with monthlyarchives($monthnum, $year, ‘active’) resulting in some real usability. Don’t forget to add .active {} to your css for all the control you could ever desire. It works nicely on ThirtyTwo:
Thirtytwo - highlight current date

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  1. August 18, 2005 joe d

    That’s like sooooooo like flipping hot.

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