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July 20, 2005

Carpool Mix 2005

Posted by: apple

carpool mix 2005

A bunch of us from the LA - Lake F.O.R.E. carpool put together a little compilation CD. Dennys, Metzger, Mokkel, Struik (who also made the totally awesome cover) and I (apple) each picked 2 tracks, which we randomly burned onto a CD. It’s become a rather eclectic mix.

Can you guess who picked what songs?

  1. Bit Meddler - Wide Open Dance
  2. Carl Douglas - Kung Fu Fighting
  3. The Postal Service - Brand New Colony
  4. Gza - Swordsman
  5. Brazilian Girls - Pussy
  6. Cam’ron - Down and Out
  7. Madonna - Lucky Star
  8. Mark Mothersbaugh - Ping Island/Lightning Strike Rescue Op
  9. Led Zeppelin - Hey Hey What Can I Do
  10. Animal & the Muppets - Manamana

Download whole CD at once (34MB ZIP).


  1. July 20, 2005 Mokkel


  2. July 20, 2005 sonja a.k.a. zus

    Apple must be responsible for the ‘postal service’-song, and Mokkel; Madonna???

    What did i win?

  3. July 21, 2005 jody

    Bro pool’s flippin rock!

  4. July 22, 2005 apple

    I picked track 1 (listen to the NSFW lyrics!) and track 10. Mokkel did Madonna and track 9.

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