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May 18, 2005

Skateboarding and RSS

Posted by: apple

Are you that skate nerd who is on the interweb 24/7 and doesn’t want to miss a beat? You should really look into using RSS. I’m not going to explain what RSS is or how it works, you can find out for yourself. I will however show you one of the easiest ways to stay “connected”.

  1. Sign up for Bloglines (it’s free).
  2. Install the Bloglines Toolkit for FireFox (both are free).
  3. Restart FireFox and configure the Bloglines extension.
  4. Go through the list below and right click on the (RSS) links to which you wish to subscribe. Select “Blogline Toolkit,” then select “Subscribe to this Page,” and hit “Subscribe”.
  5. Now every time one of these sites updates, you will see a little red dot next to the blue “B”; click on it, and you can start reading the updated site right away!

Some of the above sites don’t have their RSS feed published. They probably don’t even know they have one. I had to dig into their backend to find out the proper URL. (You’re welcome.)

Here are a few other skate-related feeds from Web 2.0 sites (you can fine-tune this list yourself if you’d like):

Do you know of any other skateboard related sites that have RSS feeds? Please contact us and I will add them to the list. And let’s hope more skateboarding sites will start using RSS.

UPDATE: More Skateboarding and RSS


  1. August 29, 2005 Rick Hurst

    hi there, nice to see a link to my site up there.. in my opinion all skate sites should have RSS, at least to inform of updates. I have an idea about setting up a skate news site where all the content is dragged in via RSS from various sources across the globe. I meant to email you about this but can’t find an email for you on the site at the moment, plus your about page seems to be missing?


    Rick Hurst

  2. August 29, 2005 apple

    Rick: There is a site does this already: Seems like it’s just a front to run adsense (that’s why I didn’t link to it). No idea who’s behind it.

    Also, SPoT has the very crappy News Watcher. This page also includes news of skate sites with iframes. Those seem to be teh shit in the skate web industry!

    And yes, our About page is b0rk3d. Must… find… time… to… fix…

  3. August 30, 2005 Rick Hurst

    yep, it certainly looks like there isn’t any other real purpose for that site. in fact it highlights the fact that an skate site with purely RSS derived content is only going to be interesting if someone takes the time to add their own content or at least review or comment on what ever is going up there..

    back to the drawing board!

    and I hate those iframe sites :-)

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