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January 30, 2005

We Need Help

Posted by: apple


Ofcourse we are very honored to receive another Web Standards Award, but this would have been better in about a month from now. We are still in the process of migrating another site and there are a ton of quirks that need to be fixed and tweaked.

In fact we are so busy, that we could really use some help. So if you are a semantic web designer and know a bit of flash, or if you are a flash coder that understands semantic markup, feel free to contact us. This is for a full time position!

UPDATE: We found someone! But now we need a full-time flash person. So if you are one of them actionscript nerds, let us know!

January 18, 2005

etniesplus:spring 2005

Posted by: apple

etnies plus sp05

The etnies Plus Spring 2005 collection is online. Same design, a bit improved navigation and as a bonus an interview with one of The HotCrew’s favorite riders of all time: Sal Barbier. Yes, the guy behind the Sal 23, and now the Horace.