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December 01, 2004

Pop-ups are so pre2k

Posted by: apple

Some Web sites in the skateboard industry use pop-ups to blast visitors with so called “promos”. Marketing people assume it will have a “big impact” on the user. This is not true for two simple reasons:

Annoyance Factor

When a user visits a site and a window pops up, he or she might take a look at it. When the user returns to the same site and the window pops up again, he might look, realize he already saw it and close the pop-up. When the user returns a third time, he’s not going to look at the pop-up anymore and will close it right away. The user is now annoyed by the pop-up and might not want to return to the site because of it.

Pop-Up Blockers

Real browsers come with built-in pop-up blockers. Even the new IE SP2 comes with pop-up blocking. Sure, the user can set their browser to NOT block pop-ups from specific sites, but that’s even more of a pain than closing a pop-up window. So, technically, most people don’t see pop-ups anymore.

The most effective way of displaying promos is on the homepage or on other relevant pages within the site. The user is not annoyed by a pop-up, and will return more often–which is the best promo you can get.

We here at The HotCrew take great pride in the fact that we don’t use promo pop-ups on any of our sites. If you ever catch us “poppin’ one up”, please pop a cap in our ass.

UPDATE: Check out The Most Hated Advertising Techniques article.

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