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June 12, 2007

A couple of new sites

Posted by: c00ler

We recently relaunched two very outdated sites:

Sole Technology Institute:

“The Sole Technology Institute or ‘STI’ is the world’s first and only scientific sports research lab dedicated to the study of action sports.”…

The main purpose of is to highlight the technologies we develop in house & implement into our skateboarding sneakers. We ditched our old, god awful flash site and can finally link directly to a specific feature from the shoes within our brand sites. Watch some of the videos in the testing section of STI, these guys do serious work. STI Lab was recently seen in Wired Magazine, that’s how tech they are.

Sole Technology:
This is our first real corporate site for the parent company. Designed to inform the information seeker of our operations; Including the brands Sole Technology owns, the company mantra, the environmental initiatives and company history. Typical corporate stuff. Apply to be the web department manager when you’re there.

These sites also happen to be the first ones built using our new backend system, and were an absolute joy to work on.

May 10, 2007

etnies Grounded Premiere, Your Photos on the etnies Site

Posted by: c00ler

Your photos on

Who doesn’t love user contributed, dynamic photo galleries? These are social times, get your social on.

January 22, 2007 Relaunch

Posted by: c00ler

We launched a new, the biggest change is having each sport’s home page better reflect the content found within the site. We put some callouts to the latest podcasts right on the home page, so the kids don’t have to search around for the content nerds hard work. We’ve stopped rotating featured product, differentiated between contests & other features, and the flash now allows you to view each promotional item we have, instead of them randomly being pulled. Even though you can go to the site & view it, We’ve enclosed a screen grab of etnies Skate below:

But who cares about any of that, when we embraced microformats! These things are the way of the future, as browsers will surely integrate what is now handled by extensions such as Mike Kaply’s Operator. The extension reads events (amongst other microformats) and creates one click access for you to add the event to your calendar program of choice. It even supports local applications, such as iCal. Below is the extension in action, picking up the upcoming events we mention on the etnies Skate home page:


Get the extension & view the entire etnies calendar to get a taste of a way futuristic, interconnected browsing experience. Check the rest of the site for some hidden micro gems as well. If any Sci Fi writings are to come true, or you just want to help advance the web as the medium we all hold so dearly to our hearts, the path involves embracing microformats!

October 12, 2006

etnies Seed Project

Posted by: c00ler

Seed Project

October 04, 2006

etnies Forsvar

Posted by: c00ler

We made a little something special for Rune Glifberg’s Forsvar shoe:


October 04, 2006

etnies Plus

Posted by: c00ler

We recently tweaked etnies Plus a bit for the fall 2006 product.

etnies Plus

June 30, 2006

Posted by: c00ler
Our dutch intern just launched the fruits of his labor at Sole Technology in the form of

From Ivo himself:

Spotcovr is a place where you can explore skate spots around the world and add your own, complete with full descriptions, photos and comments from other skateboarders.

Get in there and add some spots.

June 16, 2006

Emerica RSS feed

Posted by: c00ler

We’ve been posting phone calls from Emerica riders in the Wild-Ride section of The mp3’s make for great podcast material for the kids; and adult nerds with a Tivo.

June 02, 2006

June 01, 2006

Craps goes global

Posted by: c00ler

Etnies’ own content nerd, Craps, makes his mainstream mag debut with two photos in the latest issue of ESPN magazine. A designer friend of mine once called ESPN mag “The new Wallpaper”, now that’s big time!

Nice moves Craps, but since when is ESPN mag bigger than any of the etnies sites? Jeeze, need we show you the traffic reports?

May 24, 2006

etnies Girl

Posted by: c00ler

We’ll be working some more on the recently relaunched etnies Girl site.
etnies Girl

May 20, 2006

Hardly Working

Posted by: c00ler

We’re hard at work finishing up a new etnies Girl site. To pass the time, might I recommend pondering the advantages & disadvantages of using the latest version of lightbox Vs. the original lightbox? They both have their bright sides, but I’m leaning towards the OG. What do you fancy?

Edit: Ummm, unless you’re using that image set feature of the latest lightbox, that thing kicks ass.

May 13, 2006

April 20, 2006

New Emerica Message Boards

Posted by: c00ler

We launched the new EMB’s yesterday. Man, did the kids hate. “Whoever created this new EMB should be fired” was less threatening than the also posted “They should be shot”.

It seems as though after nearly 24 hours of use, the young bucks have quited down and settled back into more important discussions such as their favorite myspace page and their most recent skate related purchases.

The boards are Vanilla and they have some nice features that appparently, even skate rats can handle.

April 19, 2006